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Episode 4 (NSFW)
Episode 4 (NSFW)

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Impact Theory

Everyone has their own path they walk in life. For Yue, that's more literal than most. The red line that guides and haunts him has taken him all around the world. He rarely meets people more than once, with the exception of Terri. Is fate drawing them together or is Yue doomed to walk the line to the end alone? -- Impact Theory is being restarted thanks to Patreon support! I've solved a lot of the problems I had with this comic previously, and I feel confident about the relaunch. (Third time's the charm right lol;;) I will not be able to upload this on SJ because the site doesn't support scrolling comics well. I will post update links here tho. Patrons will get first access to the new comic. I'm still figuring out the logistics of how it will exist publicly, but it likely won't be for a few months before I can release anything. Head over to my Patreon if you are interested


comics priorities

I apologize for the lack of comic updates the last few weeks. Filling preorders kept me busy and I was at a con two weeks ago and I’m still in christmas hell at work and doing overtime and yea I have no time for anything /sobs/ There will not be an Impact Theory page tomorrow, but there will be one next week! And I’m almost done with the next page of Avialae. I’m going to start prioritizing Avialae so I can have the first chapter printed for cons next year. I haven’t decided 100% yet, but that might mean that Impact Theory gets put on a bimonthly schedule.

I also want to do a HQ!! doujin for next year too *farts around in an over ambitious sea of gay comics*

(oh and for Patreon folks: my sketchbook will be up sometime this weekend!!)

posted by Lucid @ November 13th, 2014, 11:25 pm  -  1 comments

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